A patent lawyer, or patent attorney, is a legal professional registered with and licensed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office who handles the legal process involved with getting a patent. Patent law is an extremely complex area of law, so a legal professional who specializes in this field will make sure that your new invention is adequately protected. Applying for a patent is a process best handled by an expert who has had extensive experience in the legal aspects of getting patents. Stephens | Domnitz | Meineke PLLC is a law firm of highly experienced Patent and Trademark Attorneys with a positive track record of success.

A trademark lawyer, or trademark attorney, is a legal professional who is qualified to work in matters regarding trademark law and offer legal assistance on trademark matters. A trademark lawyer can also help clients determine if they have sufficient grounds for filing for a trademark registration. Contact us today to develop your intellectual property protection plan today.

Understanding Your Requirements

With over 60 years combined legal experience, Kelly Stephens, Ira Domnitz and Leigh Meineke joined to form Stephens | Domnitz | Meineke PLLC in 2019. We are dedicated to serving the Intellectual Property needs of our clients nationally. Our philosophy stems from the belief that our clients deserve personal attention, ethical treatment and exceptional representation.

Prepared to Represent You

Successful representation requires a thorough understanding of the law and meticulous preparation. Beyond our academic credentials and legal experience, we invest in continuing legal education and training to ensure that our knowledge of federal law is current and accurate.

Focused on Your Needs

Open attorney-client communication is the other ingredient of successful representation. To properly represent your interests, we spend the time to learn about your needs and goals. We also work to translate “legalese” into understandable terms so you are clear about your legal standing and options and can fully participate in the legal process. In Stephens | Domnitz | Meineke PLLC, you have a legal champion truly dedicated to your welfare.

Bound by High Ethical Standards

At Stephens | Domnitz | Meineke PLLC, adherence to a strict code of ethics guarantees your ethical treatment in all matters. Our commitment to developing lasting relationships with clients means gaining their trust through integrity in everything we do. We believe effective representation does not require ethical compromise, and we have a reputation for creative and aggressive representation to prove it.

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We are ready to put our knowledge to work for you. Call or email to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation. We look forward to learning about you and how we can make your legal life easier.

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