Patent Pending - Everything You Must Know About It

For many years, the term “patent pending” has reverberated in the business world because of the strong impact it bears on the efforts of anyone seeking to bring forth innovation into the lives of millions.

With the ability to make a difference between success and failure in the latter stages of a product’s development process, the term in question makes a larger-than-life impact that goes beyond the two words. As more applications come into the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it becomes clear that the ability to receive the status in question is more valuable than ever.

However, with all this talk about the term “patent pending” and its importance in modern innovation, there’s just one problem that many overlook: they don’t know about it.

What does “patent pending” mean?

Generally, the term in question refers to the status of a patent application before the USPTO. As the name implies, a patent application that is labeled with this status is currently being evaluated by the professionals that it is assigned to. Any application that has a “patent pending” status is assumed to be in a certain state where it is closer to receiving a certified status, but no actual patent is granted or issued yet!

What applications can be classified under “patent pending”?

When it comes to dealing with a “patent pending” status, it is best to understand that its status mainly applies for a provisional or non-provisional application if you’re applying for a utility patent. Conversely, eligible applications that may receive a pending status can include plant patent applications or design patent applications depending on the subject matter or context of the application itself. In the end, it is worth noting that any invention being sought patent protection for will always be considered “patent pending” once an application is filed!

What does one get under “patent pending”?

Contrary to popular belief, the “patent pending” status is not just a term that you see on paper because it bears different benefits that forward-thinking innovators can benefit from! If you are thinking about applying for your product to be protected with existing patent laws in Houston or Dallas-Fort Worth, here are a few significant benefits to know about:

1. Earlier applicable protection through the filing date (or priority date

Although your idea or invention may be unique, it is important to note that you may have someone else trying to cash in on the same opportunity, a problem that may hinder you from the opportunity of a lifetime. Thankfully, taking the time to apply for a patent as soon as possible will help ensure that your idea is protected and rightfully attributed to your name!

2. Proper diligence taken to protect an idea

Another reason anyone with an innovative idea should take the steps to get their patent application carried out is that it provides concrete proof that steps are being taken to protect the invention.

With most customers taking the initiative to invest in original inventions, it is critical to have a “patent pending” status whenever you advertise or sell your product because it acts as the nudge that potential buyers need. Fortunately, working with an experienced lawyer—like Patent Lawyers—to get the patent application process underway will ensure that you protect your idea and the potential sales you can gain!

As illustrious as it sounds, there is more to the status of “patent pending” than anyone else may ever expect because of the wide range of benefits it bears. With the help of the right professional by your side and a clear mind, you can ensure that your ideas are protected so that you can properly profit off them as you should!

Are you looking for a patent lawyer in Houston, Texas , that can help you protect your original ideas? Feel free to contact us today so that our team of intellectual experts can figure out how to help you best!